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Tipping elevator for trolleys or bins. It is an automatic device ideal for lifting and overturning metal swarf of various shapes and sizes. With a simple gesture it is possible to lift and overturn the trolleys without any effort.

  • Suitable for lifting trolleys of different volumes and weights
  • Customizable unloading height
  • Safety micro that allows the machine to start only when the loading door is closed
  • Movable elements contained inside a closed cabin so as to guarantee total operator safety
  • Trolley hooking system made according to the characteristics of the trolley itself

The bin lifter is an equipment for lifting and tipping materials contained in trolleys or containers of various shapes and sizes.

The unloading height from the loading surface is customised according to the application.

The unit is made of robust painted metal carpentry.

All the mobile elements are contained inside a cabin made of closed sheet metal or mesh and suitably painted in order to guarantee the total safety of the operators.

The loading point of the bin tipper is equipped with a safety microswitch that allows the machine to start only when the loading door is closed.

The trolley hooking system is made according to the characteristics of the trolley itself.

In the event that there is a need to manage trolleys of different shapes and sizes, it is possible to design a trolley housing and a lifting system that can be used to load them using the same bin tipper.



download ER bin lifter product sheet [ pdf - 764 Kb ]




  1. The trolley hooking system can be realized :
    • basket: a closed seat to house the trolley
    • fork: a low pin to be inserted in the seat at the base of the trolley
    • arm: which hooks the pins of the trolley
  2. The protective casing of the bin lifter can be made of closed sheet metal or mesh.
  3. The casings and protective devices are painted with colors suitable for preserving operator safety.
  4. The access door can be wing or guillotine.

It is possible to install a system with video camera on the bin lifter with the function of monitoring the hopper filling and signaling the achievement of a threshold limit of the chip level contained in the hopper.

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