Costumized solutions for the treatment of processing waste



FAMA was founded in 1992 by industry technicians. Its thirty years' experience, combined with the flexibility of its structure consisting of highly specialised technicians, make FAMA srl the ideal partner to trust for the study and design of effective solutions.

Alberto Carraro, CEO of FAMA

Innovation, ecology, pragmatism, reliability, dedication: this is my FAMA.

Alberto Carraro, CEO of FAMA

It may sound strange but experience and the past are the prelude of innovation, of the future. The first step towards FAMA technology was a gamble. The new project of the Pneumatic Conveying of metal chips came about almost as a bet with a customer who was enthusiastic about the proposal. The door opened to the numerous following projects and to exciting experiences. The market was not yet ready for innovation but with technological growth the system proved to be highly useful and reliable. This resulted in significant corporate growth and the involvement of many technicians, engineers, sales persons and carpenters.

The mission was and is innovation, together with the cultural growth of persons and their respect.
Sacrifice is an important component. Nothing happens by chance, but a clear purpose and the support of committed collaborators have made this reality possible. Our greatest satisfaction lies in the trust that customers place in our structure, in its human and technical value and in its high level of professionalism. This repays the hard work for
the development of a company that is attentive to the needs of its customers and to the environment.

High-performance customisation

High-performance customisation



We have touched the horizon and now we are going beyond: internationalising our market has been possible thanks to efficient systems, cutting-edge technologies, a careful selection of suppliers and above all a great team. Our employees are constantly updated and contribute every day to strengthening the search for new wear-resistant materials
and to studying solutions to be applied to increasingly advanced systems. The market is demanding and expects only the best. As we do!
FAMA <strong>R&D</strong>
Green and in-house constructions: You can trust our systems

An important advantage of FAMA plants is their ecology. A respect that has persisted for years, towards the environment, the future and new generations. The innovative FAMA systems are in fact eco friendly, because it is possible to recycle chips and cooling lubricants as well as eliminating dust and oily mists inside production plants. What's more, these systems encourage energy savings, reduce pollution and increase safety for workers.





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