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The GTC_0-201 group is composed of a chips collection tank with a dosing cochlea, a centrifuge FC201 and a oil/emulsion collection tank. The  production per hour is given by the centrifuge, while the tank capacity allows to download more than one trolley to create an accumulation which is then disposed in time. The size of the tank may vary from 0.1 to 1 cubic meter, depending on the need. The cochlea (also double) on the bottom of the tank is moved by a motor of 0.55 kW and can dose with continuity and regularity the chip to the centrifuge.
The oil collection tank, installed as standard, can contain up to 100 liters of coolant.
The unit is equipped with wired electric and control panel and it is ready for use.


- FC201 centrifuge;
- 0,1 mc chips collection tank with dosing cochlea;
- 100 lt oil/emulsion collection tank with washing pump, delivery pump and level sensor;
- Standard painting RAL7016;
- Electrical control panel


- Double cochlea;
- Reel, for tanks of more than 0,2 mc and compact chips;
- Vibrating sieve for separation of ejected pieces (end bars, finished products….)
- Adjustment of the capacity of the chips collection tank up to 1 mc;
- Adjustment of the capacity of the oil/emulsion collection tank up to 150 lt; 

More information could be find in the technical sheet.

  Technical data GTC_0-201
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