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Static Separator "PSC"

The static separator  “PSC” is designed for the separation of waste paper , cardboard and alluminium foil scraps,  from the conveying air, in the pneumatic conveying systems.
 Available  in  different sizes, it is can meet many application.
The simplicity of operation and small overall dimensions, compared to traditional separator such as cyclones, allowing easy application even in tight spaces.
Furthermore it provides a reduced energy consumption and low pressure drop.

- Structure made in sturdy metal case painted, with flanges.
- Grid separation in AISI 304, on removable  tray.
- Branches on visual inspections.
- Valve flow adjustment

- Hopper input for single pipe .
- Hopper input for multiple pipelines, complete of check valves.
- Hopper air outlet, for connection to balance fan.
- Automatic system control balance fan, with pressure switch and inverter.
- Filter dust system.
- Hopper discharge to automatic press or container
- Hopper discharge to press with automatic  by-pass.

  Static separator "PSC"
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