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The unit TTC1000 is a machine designed and built to shred long and skein metal shavings, fo different shape, composition and characteristics. It’s a great and powerful machine, suitable for heavy work in quality and quantity.
The chip, loaded into the hopper, is dismembered by a hooked arm, that reduce the chip and direct it at the crushing point. The skein is then shredded and discharged from the bottom.
In case there is a piece that interferes in the shredding process, the machine, after three attempts to crush it, automatically ejects from a drawer side, controlled by two air cylinders.
The unit is powered by a 15 kW motor with chain transmission and clutch.

- Cash and box made of sturdy metal;
- Knives and against-knives made of special wear resistant material, easy to replace;
- Automatic ejection of parts;
- Hydraulic unit;
- Alternate sense of the crushing system
- Arm hooked dismemberment;
- Clutch control effort;
- Deflection system to remove the expelled pieces;
- 15 kW motor;
- Inverter.

- Chip storage hopper load, with inspection door;
- Automatic lid closing of the hopper and micro consensus;
- Electrical control panel.

On the shredder it’s possible to install different types of hopper, depending on the volume “lung” that you want and on how to load. The hopper of the picture, for example, is designed for loading 1 mc trolley by forklift trucks. As it can see, the hopper is complete of inspection door with safety microswitch and mechanical closing, to access to the crushing area.
If necessary, it’s possible to install an automatic door on the top, that stops the shredder if opened.

More informations can be found in the datasheet.




  Technical data TTC1000
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