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The unit TALBI400 is a machine designed and built to crush metal shavings and long skein. The name is an acronym for “ slow twin-shaft crusher”. One set of knives assembled on each rotary beam, crosses a  comb counter-knife to create the cutting  effect. Below the two rotors  that are moved by two 3 kW motors, an interchangeable screen  is installed, which defines the crushed chips size. This screen can be opened by  removable metal rods or a handwheel to remove any pieces that have fallen into the crusher. The crusher can reduce 5 times the initial volume.

- Case made ​​of sturdy metal
- N° 36 movable knives in special wear-resistant material
- N ° 4 adjustable  fixed double edge blades in wear-resistant material;
- N°2 flexible coupling;
- Screening with  customizable holes (from Ø6 to Ø20 mm);
- Screening opening system;
- N°2  3kW geared motors


- Tailor-made support structure in sturdy metal on adjustable feet;
- Connection hopper, for conveying shavings to the crushing mouth;
- Slide rails for security access to the crushing mouth;
- Safety switch for turning off the crusher in case of opening of the crushing chamber;
- 4 kW geared motors ;
- Amperometric circuit breaker;
- Electrical control panel.

TALBI400 has been developed to meet the requirement to make chips smaller and optimize the capacity of containment of trolleys. A trolley which normally must be emptied once, due to the large volume of long shavings, with the application of a TALBI400 crusher it can be emptied every 4 or 5 hour.

More informations can be found in the datasheet.


  Technical dataTALBI400
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