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The unit TAL200 is a machine designed and built to crush metal shavings and long skein. The name is an acronym for “ slow shaft shredder”. One set of knives are assembled on rotary beam,  moved by a motor of 3 kW, crosses a  comb counter-knife to create the cutting  effect. Below the rotor an interchangeable screen  is installed, which defines the crushed chips size. This screen can be opened by  removable metal rods or a handwheel to remove any pieces that have fallen into the crusher. The crusher can reduce 5 times the initial volume.

- Case made ​​of sturdy metal;
- N° 18 movable knives in special wear-resistant material;
- N ° 2 adjustable  fixed double edge blades in wear-resistant material;
- Flexible coupling;
- Screening with  customizable holes (from Ø6 to Ø20 mm);
- Screening opening system by removable metal rods;
- 3 kW geared motor.

- Tailor-made support structure in sturdy metal on adjustable feet;
- Connection hopper, for conveying shavings to the crushing mouth;
- Slide rails for security access to the crushing mouth;
- Safety switch for turning off the crusher in case of opening of the crushing chamber;
- 4 kW geared motor;
- Amperometric circuit breaker;
- “User friendly” screening opening system;
- Electrical control panel.


TAL200 has been developed to meet the requirement to make chips smaller  as to be transported by a pneumatic system.

FAMA srl, indeed manufactures centralized pneumatic chips suction systems. In case of scattered or long tangled  shavings, TAL200 reduces them before suction.

In the picture TAL200 is combined with a GSM. The GSM accumulates wet chips. A level sensor books the GSM, when full, for the cleaning. Chips are conveyed to the suction point to be transferred to the collection point.

More informations can be found in the datasheet.


  Technical data TAL200
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