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DESCRIPTION - GCP_400-300 group has been created combining TTC400 shredder and FC301 centrifuge. It is suitable for chips contained in big trolleys (» 1 mc), that could be completely unloaded inside the hopper. Long skein shavings, oil/emulsion soaked, are crushed and then loaded into a centrifuge through a dredging conveyor.  
Recovered oil is collected by a oil/emulsion collection tank. The group is suitable also for shavings containing pieces, as the crusher is provided with an automatic pieces ejection system. The whole group is assembled on a strong metal pallet base as to be easily moved. The group is provided with electrical control panel and is ready for use.


- TTC400 crusher with  loading hopper;
- Sieve for separation of ejected pieces;
- FC300 centrifuge;
- Dredging conveyor;
- 100 lt oil/emulsion collection tank with washing pump,  delivery pump and  level sensor;
- Standard paint RAL7016
- Electrical control panel.


- Adjustment of loading hopper;
- Increase in power of TTC400 (from 4 to 5,5 kW);
- Increase in capacity  of  oil/emulsion collection tank;
- Dredging system on oil/emulsion collection tank;
- Different painting from standard RAL;
- Robust bumper for supporting trolleys while loading;

More information could be find in the technical sheet.

  Compact group GCP400-301
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