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The group GCC_0-201 consists of an accumulation tank with dosing screw, a centrifuge FC202 and an oil collection tank. The production per hour is given by the centrifuge, while the tank gives the possibility to unload a small cart and create an accumulation that is disposed over time. The size of the tank can vary from 0.1 to 0.3 mc, depending on the needs. The cochlea on the bottom of the tank is driven by a power engine and allows to dose the chips inside the centrifuge continuously and regularly.
The oil collection tank, installed as standard, can contain the cooling lubricant.
The unit is installed on a palletized base to make the unit easily movable.
The unit is complete with electrical control panel, wired and ready to use.

- Centrifuge FC202;
- 0.15 m3 storage tank with dosing screw conveyor;
- 100 liter oil collection tank with washing pump, delivery pump and level sensor;
- Palletized base with containment border;
- Standard painting RAL7016 / 7035.

- Double screw conveyor;
- Bridge effect breaking hooks, suitable for tanks above 0.2 cbm and particularly compact shavings;
- Sieve with vibrating motion for piece separation (bar end or machined);
- Increase of the tank volume up to 0.3 mc;
- Bumpers;
- Increase of the capacity of the oil tank up to 150 liters; 


  Compact group_0-201
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