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The storage silo FAMA are containers for the accumulation of chips. They are designed and sized to contain an adequate amount of material to optimize the disposal operations of the chips. The vertical silos are designed for outdoor installations, particularly for situations where it is preferable to imput the silo to a wall and to keep free a side of silo for the passage of the trucks. For their conformation and  the double discharge door, the vertical silo can be divided into two parts, to manage  two different type of material. The auto-braking motor and the vertical doors guarantee a certain security to the theft.
It’s quite easy to expansion the volume of this type of silo, provided that the structure has first been sized for this operation and if there is a pneumatic load mode.

The size of the silo shall be determined on the basis of production requirements, usually designed to contain a week production or more.
The height of the columns of the frame are determined on the height of the container trucks.
The containment tank for chip undergoes a sandblasting and painting with organic zinc, while the support structure is completely galvanized.
The silo is equipe with a double door, to ensure safe and proper discharge procedure, allowing a perfect dosing and distribution of chips in the truck.

- Silo;
- Support structure;
- Plats and against plates with anchor bolts;
- Rung ladder with protective cage and door with lock;
- Gallery for silo inspection;
- 2 rotary level sensor, one for early warning of almost full and one for full alarm;
- Automatic doors with motor of adequate power for discharge chip;
- Vibrators with alternating masse sto facilitate the sliding of the chip when packaged.

- Electrical control panel with key switch to enabled the mobile panel to connect near the silo;
- Load cells for weighing.

More informations can be found in the datasheet.


  Technical data VERTICAL SILO
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