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The FC400 centrifuge is a unit suitable for centrifuging ferrous and non-ferrous metal chips, to recover the lubricant used in the production process .
The FC400 centrifuge is designed for the treatment of metal chips  with continuous feeding.
In optimal conditions the FC400 centrifuge allows to obtain chips with a wet content that can reach up to 1.5%.
The actual efficiency of the centrifuge, as well as the actual hourly flow rate, depends on the characteristics of the chip, in particular on the material, the shape, the weight per unit of volume, as well as the starting humidity and can be confirmed by testing your chips, at our showroom.
If there are pieces in the chip, such as bar headings, semi-finished or end bars, it will be necessary to accessorize the FC400 centrifuge with a sieve.


  • RAL 7016 painted robust metal case, anchored to a thick and rigid platform;
  • All parts in contact with chips are made of special wear-resistant materials;
  • Discharge channel;
  • Vibration dampers;
  • Imbalance inductive sensor;
  • Drain of recovered coolant;
  • Washing inlet tap;
  • Centrifugal washing pump;
  • Recovered coolant drain hose with a standard length of 1 m;



  • Robust metal custom-sized support structure to be anchored to the floor;
  • Painting in RAL different from the standard;
  • Coolant lubricant collection tank with level sensors and 0.3 bar transfer pump;
  • Unloading screw conveyor;
  • Electrical control panel.


More informations can be found in the datasheet.

  FC400 technical sheet
[PDF - 1201 Kb]  DOWNLOAD